Bio: I am a Teacher Librarian who works in a blended-online school called Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning(SAIL) in Surrey Schools, BC, Canada. My passions include Learning Commons, Learning Space Design and Makerspaces. https://about.me/suarez_l

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  1. Hi Lisa. I stumbled onto this page after reading the blurb on the ISTE2016 website about the wearable technology workshop. (Alas, I cannot attend the workshop, but am torturing myself by seeing all the great stuff I’m missing). I’m creating (and then teaching/facilitating) a design class for 6th graders and am looking for compelling projects. I love the idea of wearable technology. Wondering if you have any great curricular resources you could point me towards. Thanks so much 🙂

    • Hi Harley!
      How are you? You inspired me to do a post so my latest post will give you several projects and resources for wearables. I will post after ISTE 2016 my presentation for wearables so stay posted. Please send me some pics of the creations that your students do.
      Take care,

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